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Book 1 in the FALLEN CITY SERIES   


In a city choking from despair, courage becomes the loudest voice.

Without warning, electricity is shut off in Chicago. For thirty days, the city devours itself, and the weak perish. Now, survivors scavenge for the scraps of food that haven’t been hoarded by those in charge of the city: The Gangs.

Gangs quickly staked claims to their territory, but a new evil grows in the shadows. Only rumors exist about the Lord’s Chosen. The mutilation and degradation they leave in their wake is gruesome.

Elliot, a young man recently orphaned, is hunted by the Lord’s Chosen. The only reason he survives is thanks to Kat, a badass woman with a baseball bat. They are just two of many who must come together if they are to survive this fallen city.

The easy life is over. Now is the time to fight.

Book Details 

Published Date:  9/30/2021

Categories: EMP Survival, Horror,


Fallen City Read Order:

  1. Fallen City (Book 1)

  2. Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  3. After The Light (Book 3)


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