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Book 3 in the FALLEN CITY SERIES   

after the light

War has been declared. Hostages taken. The stage is set for the final battle for Chicago.

Tiara has been beaten, but she is far from broken. Finding allies in the dungeons of the Lord’s Chosen, she must survive to exact her vengeance on Alan.

Alan may have cut his way to the top of Lord’s Chosen, but as food grows scarcer, treachery grows in his ranks. Vicious challengers are circling. They hunger for what Alan possesses. Kat is one of them.

Rasha and the survivors of the college may be fracturing in the absence of leadership, but Kat is single-minded. She wants to kill Alan, but most of all, she wants Tiara back.

All the while, death chases Thomas and the remaining soldiers from the South.

The Rabid virus is here…

Book Details 

Published Date:  2/27/2024

Categories: EMP, Survival, Horror,


Fallen City Read Order:

  1. Fallen City (Book 1)

  2. Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  3. After The Light (Book 3)


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