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after the light

Book 3 in the fallen city Trilogy   

Blood has been drawn. 


     Gangs and communities they once survived, now are ghost towns.

     Alan’s wrath screams for Tiara’s blood and the blood of everyone else’s who remain at the college. has focused on the college. With the Lord’s Chosen at his charge, the war for survival will come to an end, one way or another.

     The gangs that once warred over every inch of Chicago have been eradicated by an unknown force. 

Book Details 

Published Date:  10/28/2021

Categories: Life After,

Post-Apocalyptic, Action

Fallen City Trilogy:

  1. Fallen City (Book 1)

  2. Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  3. After The Light (Book 3)


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the Rabid Universe:

  • Calamity (Book 1, Calamity series)

  • Confliction (Book 2, Calamity series)

  • Catastrophe (Book 3, Calamity series)

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