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Book 2 in the FALLEN CITY SERIES   

before the darkness

Elliot, Kat, and Rasha face off against Tiara and the psychotic soldiers in charge of the college. The two groups defeated the Lord’s Chosen, but can they survive each other?

Like the kings of old, the two sides must negotiate a truce or kill each other. Or both? Politics are more dangerous than ever now.

On the other side of Chicago, the last military base stands alone as the last beacon of governance in Chicago. Everyone in the city runs from the fanatical Lord’s Chosen, but not Sergeant Lee Thomas. He and his men hunt them.

All the food in the city has been found. The Lord’s Chosen has hoarded most of it. They may have lost their first battle at the college, but they will not lose the war for the city!

Book Details 

Published Date:  1/10/2022

Categories: EMP Survival, Horror,


Fallen City Read Order:

  1. Fallen City (Book 1)

  2. Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  3. After The Light (Book 3)


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