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When society collapses, who will you choose to save?

The United States, reeling from an infectious disease, has reached the tipping point. Society’s collapse is imminent. The rabies variant virus is decimating the southern states and the military can no longer contain it. In response, the heavy hand of the government initiates extreme and violent measures to quarantine half the nation.

SWAT Officer Derrick Hart and his best friend, Army Ranger Brandon Armstrong, are at the tip of the spear trying to keep it all together as society loots, riots, and revolts against the government. Hundreds of miles lay between them and their family as another city falls to the vicious infected hordes. These two brothers in arms must choose between their duty and the ones they love.

They will learn the price for surviving at all costs.

When the country they once served becomes the oppressive force that now threatens their lives, Derrick and Brandon must fight together if their loved ones stand a chance at survival.

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When the country collapses, who will you let die in order to survive?

The President of the United States is rushed to an underground bunker as the rabies variant infection devours the nation he swore to protect. The nation is in chaos as millions are slaughtered in Florida. The Chief of Staff must try and stop its spread while secretly orchestrating continuity of government protocols. Should the worst happen, the United States must prevail at all costs.

The F.B.I. task force investigating this calamity must find answers quickly as the nations of the world reel from this novel virus. How could this happen? Was this a terrorist attack? An accidental spill at a pharmaceutical company? Who is responsible for the greatest loss of life event in the history of man?

Meanwhile, Brandon and the survivors in Louisville must navigate the rubble that remains of the city as the infected flood the streets.

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