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rabid universe

Without warning, a novel virus is unleashed on Southern Florida. It devoured the state in days. It dismantled the United States of America within weeks. Is this how the world ends?

Welcome to the Rabid Universe!



     This is the heart of the Rabid Universe. In these five books, the United States must respond to an unprecedented outbreak, FBI agents will investigate the origins of this outbreak, soldiers and police on the front lines must fight the Rabid first hand, and civilians must survive in a lawless land.

  1. Calamity

  2. Cataclysm 

  3. Confliction

  4. Catastrophe

  5. Broken City (Prequel Novella)


     It has been 9 days since the Rabid virus was released in Miami, FL, and still, the world knows next to nothing about the infection. The virus spreads like wildfire from direct contact. Those infected become violent and crazed. Their viciousness ensures the virus continues to spread.

     There are millions of 'Rabid' chasing the trail of survivors out of Florida and to the North. Every time the National Guard attempts to stop the infected, more soldiers die, and the infected numbers grow. Now, the United States has reached a tipping point. With the Rabid charging Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, and Charleston, SC simultaneously, this is the last chance America has to keep the virus from spreading throughout the entire country and possibly the world. 

     This is America's last stand.

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Main Characters

Derrick Hart

  • A seasoned Birmingham SWAT Officer pushed to the brink of exhaustion. Derrick is at his wit's end, trying to keep the city from tearing itself apart, but the time has come. The virus is arriving today, and he must choose to save himself and his loved ones or continue fighting with the remaining officers. Everything changes when his best friend, Brandon Armstrong, calls him.

Brandon Armstrong

  • Brandon is an Army Ranger veteran who was just drafted back into the Army to fight the Rabid. Stationed at the Atlanta forward operating base, Brandon is on the front lines as the first wave of infected attack the city. But after hours of heavy fighting, fear begins to clutch the hearts and minds of even the bravest soldiers. Everything changes when Brandon is briefed on Locke Protocol. He needs to tell his best friend, Derrick Hart, and they need to run while they still can.

Rachel Anderson

  • Rachel is the Vice President's daughter, and she knows this virus better than anyone. She and her Secret Service agents were in Florida when the outbreak began, and they have been fighting for survival since day one. Finally, they have made it to Birmingham just before the infected, but are they too late?

Sharon Hill

  • She's a suburban stay-at-home wife and mother of two from Knoxville, TN. The virus may be hundreds of miles away, but the power has gone out days ago, and it isn't turning back on. Looting and rioting have come to her neighborhood. What should she do to keep her children safe? Stay or go? Welcome to a world without law and order.

cataclysm (Book 2)

Chronological Read Order

  1. Cataclysm (Calamity Series)

  2. Broken City (Novella)

  3. Calamity (Calamity Series)

  4. Fallen City (Fallen City Series)

  5. Before The Darkness (Fallen City Series)

  6. After The Light (Fallen City Series)

  7. Confliction (Calamity Series)

  8. Catastrophe (Calamity Series)

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