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all fall down

The long form science fiction story told weekly in a free online serial

     Meteors too small to detect bombard Earth's major cities. When the smoke clears and first responders begin to search for survivors, but the living dead are what they find. They're not just zombies. Detached body parts are moving on their own, sticking together, and forming something else. Something... bigger.

     Twin teenaged brothers who couldn't be more different. Marcus, the loud, cocky high school athlete who's fawned over by all the women, and Jacob, the round body, uncoordinated gamer who's only known by surprised association with his twin. Their chromosomes are the only thing identical about them, and yet, one thing for certain is nothing will come between this brotherly bond.

     The world is at war, but with what?

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     The All Fall Down series is available online for FREE. Check out one of these sites to start reading now.

winter serial

     It is 100% optional, but if you choose to support the author so he may continue the free online serial, you will get early access to up to 8 chapters before they are published online. 

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