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Fallen city

Book 1 in the fallen city Trilogy   

Chicago Has Fallen.

Without warning, Chicago has gone dark.

It has been thirty days since electricity has flowed in the city.

Those who survived have been in hiding for thirty days.

...but now they are hungry.

      The last words Elliot’s parents told him were to hide in the attic. Then he heard the two gunshots blasts from downstairs. Now this sixteen year old boy is in the middle of downtown Chicago without food or water. He hides from warring gangs that fill the streets with dead bodies as they collect every scrap of food. But something in the night has the gangs terrified.

      The Lord’s Chosen leave burnt and mutilated bodies in their wake, and they are hunting Elliot. Defenseless, Elliot dives into an abandoned house for refuge and he stumbles into Kat, a fierce woman with a baseball bat.

      Alone, the few good hearted people left alive are hunted like animals. Evil threatens to shroud the city in permanent darkness if the few good souls don't shine their light.

Divided they will fall, but together, even good men and women stand a chance if their courage can hold.

Book Details 

Published Date:  9/30/2021

Categories: Life After,

Post-Apocalyptic, Action

Fallen City Trilogy:

  1. Fallen City (Book 1)

  2. Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  3. After The Light (Book 3)


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