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Book 2 in the Calamity Trilogy   


     The President of the United States is rushed to an underground bunker as the rabies variant infection devours the nation he swore to protect. How could this happen? Was this a terrorist attack? An accidental spill at a pharmaceutical company? Who is responsible for the greatest loss of life event in the history of the world?


     The F.B.I. task force assigned the investigation must find the answer quickly as the nations of the world reel from the collapse of the United States.


     Meanwhile, the survivors in Louisville must navigate the rubble that remains of the city as the infected flood the streets.

Book Details 

Published Date:  TBD

Categories: Horror,

Post-Apocalyptic, Action

Calamity Trilogy:

  1. Calamity (Book 1)

  2. Confliction (Book 2)

  3. Catastrophe (Book 3)


Additional Books in

the Rabid Universe:

  • Fallen City (Book 1)

  • Before The Darkness (Book 2)

  • After The Light (Book 3)

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